Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bye Bye Blondie

I don’t get to treat myself often, so I was excited last week when I was able to make it to the salon for a little much needed ME time. And I enjoyed every minute of it.

Instead of the usual highlights and lowlights I decided to change the color :)

Here I was as a blonde…




What do you think?


I wasn’t to sure about it at first, but now I absolutly LOVE IT!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Photo Friday Week 49: Smiles

This week for Photo Friday I am doing something I have never done before…

… post a photo without makeup!!! {screaming}

Not only is this a picture of Tyler and I smiling, but it also makes me smile.

Spending the weekends with my boys at the deer lease has been the highlight of my year!

I will cherish these moments forever.


Hope you all stop by Trina’s blog and check out the other photos!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

This is my simply decorated Christmas Tree from last year.

I went with turquoise, leopard and camo ornaments. I loved it!



This year I decided to go a bit different.

I wanted my tree to be fun and kid friendly. So the boys and I got together and painted ceramic ornaments.

They had a blast. I had a blast.

And now my tree is a one of a kind original!



Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Today is a SNOW DAY!!

Last night at my house we got at least 6” of snow! 
Thank you, Jesus!

Snow is actually very rare for this part of Texas.

And I have to say that I am quite excited :)

We tried to build a snowman, but my boys got cold seeing how we do not have the proper winter gear for things like this.

So I thought I would share a few shots that I took while I was out!

Looking out of my garage…


This is one of the cows down the street from my house.


Everything is oh so pretty covered in white fluffy stuff!


Lookin’ down the road…


My boys hanging window decals on the front door.


Hope you all have a blessed Monday!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Family Photos

I have been trying to get family pictures done for the past month, but it always seemed like something was working against me.
But this last week I finally got them taken.

Not let me start by saying that I am by no means a professional photographer, but I think they came out pretty darn good considering.

Not only was I in front of the camera being photographed, but I was also the one photographing us!!

They aren’t much and they aren’t fancy… but they are us :)




Stoppin’ by…

… for a quick update right now.

I still have not heard back from the pediatrician about Jacob’s MRI. I am going to take that as a good sign :)

We got 6” of snow last night! Insane!!

I will be posting a bunch of pics later to get everyone caught up on my life the past couple of weeks.

And I took pictures for family Christmas cards and I can’t wait to show you.

It was very interesting being the photographer and the photographed.