Friday, December 20, 2013

losing your first love

It's been eleven days since we lost my dad. 

It is still so hard to believe that he is really gone. 

I know that he is in heaven, completely cancer free, but my heart still aches knowing that he is no longer here with us. Reality usually hits when I pick up the phone to call him. Sometimes I still expect him to pick up.

We have known for a long time this day would come. 

For the last 17 months he had been fighting a losing battle. We had found out that his cancer had spread to his brain and even though he knew that he was terminal he kept fighting, hoping for a miracle. Most would say that he never got that miracle, but I would have to disagree. God blessed us with so much more time with him and our family came together in more ways than one. For the past year he had been trying to get us all to be one big, happy family and that is what we finally are. It may not be perfect but I have spoke with my sibling more in the past four weeks then I have in the past four years. 

My daddy would be proud.

I know y'all didn't know my dad, but I wish you could have.

He really was a true ray of sunshine. 

Always smiling and always making people laugh. Even when he knew he had days to live. 

I am incredibly lucky that I was given a dad like him and that my children were given a grandpa like him.

We will miss him each and everyday. We love you daddy!