Tuesday, July 17, 2012

kitchen walls: after

Yesterday I left my keys in Michael’s truck, so I was stuck at the house all day with no way to go anywhere. Ya, it sucked! But it gave me a chance to get in there and finish painting the kitchen.
I am really excited to step back and see the reward of all my hard work.

Now I can’t wait to get those floors replaced :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

kitchen walls: during

I had the contractor come by and fix the part of my walls insurance paid for, funny thing is my walls were just fine. He said they didn’t need to be repaired at all : / But the hole in the wall needed it so I was really happy that after 3 years it was fixed.

IMG_6025 IMG_6026

Next came the primer!

Thankfully they make this stuff because red is a hard color to cover.

IMG_6036 IMG_6038 IMG_6039

It took two coats of primer to cover all the red.


This is the part that drives my poor hubby cray-zee!

I am the worlds messiest painter. I am so glad that we are getting new floors, because if not then I would be in some trouble :)

IMG_6044 IMG_6045


It was very thankful it was so nice outside.

I ended up leaving the windows open all day just to listen to the rain.


Friday, July 13, 2012

kitchen walls: before

My kitchen being made over has been a long time in the making. The real push was the slab leak we found about two months ago. It helps get you motivated when insurance helps pay for everything :)

See all the paint samples painted on the wall? I could not decide what I wanted to do with my kitchen. In the end I decided to go neutral and just add color with accessories.


I am hoping that after I get the walls and floor done I will be able to refinish my table and chairs.
Maybe even hang some window treatments :)




A major goal of mine is to get rid of that horrible light fixture that just hangs there.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

packing for vacation

Yay! I am finally getting some of my vacation posts up, even if it is a week late :) And since I took way too many pictures, I am going to break it up into 3 posts for ya!

Every year over we plan one BIG vacation to go on over the summer.

This year our trip was to Sea World in San Antonio!

One of the things that I spend a lot of time doing before we leave is packing. Not only do I have to pack our luggage, but I have to pack snacks, important documents just in case of an emergency (yes, they have happened), and all the essentials we will need for a long car trip with two kids.

This year I started by making them a Snack Pack.

For the snack pack itself I used rectangle shaped Rubbermaid containers. For the snacks themselves I used:

  • kool-aid jammers
  • goldfish crackers
  • fruit by the foot
  • crackers and cheese
  • and a gallon size Ziploc bag for all the trash

You can customize the snack packs any way you like using snacks that your kids like :)


This year a must have was our car bags!

I got the idea from I heart Organizing, but mine aren’t as fancy as hers.

I found some cheap bags from Hobby Lobby for $2.50 each and wrote their names on them with permanent marker. And boy were these things a sanity saver!

In the bags I put:

  • DSi or Mobi Go game system with games
  • a book
  • baby wipes to clean up messes
  • sunglasses in carry case
  • snack pack
  • batteries or car charger for game system

There are so many things you can put in these bags to make them special for your kids. Have fun with it and let them help you pick out a few things to put in there.



When I thought about packing this year, I was trying to think of the easiest way to do it. As I was browsing pinterest one day I came across a pic where a lady had actually put her kids clothes in Ziploc bags. She would separate the clothes by day: shirt, shorts/pants and underwear/socks into there own bags and then toss them in the suitcase.

it was a BRILLIANT idea and worked great until our vacation got extended at the last minute and we ran our of clean clothes. Oops! I just thought I planned for everything.


Instead of having all the luggage spread out over the whole house, I just line everything up in the living room so I can add things as needed.



I had just finished packing when my husband came walking in the door from work and he said ‘let’s leave tonight!’. Naturally being the spontaneous person I am said ‘sure lets go!’.

We left home about 8pm and drove the five hours to our hotel. And even though we were exhausted by the time we got there at 1am, we were so glad that we had a whole day to look forward to when we woke up.




Wednesday, July 11, 2012

summertime is...

... Mohawks!


Pool Time and the smell of sunscreen




The smell of an afternoon rain


HOT summer days!




Snow cones



What does summertime mean to you?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10 goals for this week

I am one of those people who has a to do list on my iPhone, one on my iPad, an Erin Condren planner and a piece of paper with a million things I need to do written on it. The sad truth is, I never get around to half of them. Maybe even more. So after reading Money Saving Mom I think I am going to just make myself 10 goals for the week. That way I have a better chance of actually marking things off of my to do list rather than just adding them onto another day.

Linking up to Money Saving Mom’s blog!

This weeks goals:

Family Goals

1. Read a bible story to the kids every night out of The Jesus Storybook Bible.

2. Go to the pool as a family after church on Sunday.

3. Eat at the table at least 3 times this week.

Personal Goals

4. Every night before the bed read Parenting with Love and Logic.

5. Wake up at 6:30am every morning.

6. Work on controlling my anxiety.

Home/DIY Projects

7. Buy primer and paint needed for kitchen walls.

8. Primer and paint kitchen walls.

9. Deep clean the boys bathroom.

10. Get caught up on Laundry.

Monday, July 9, 2012

my oh my how time flies!

As I was going through and editing photos for my vacation post I got to thinking about all the past trips we have taken to Sea World. I can remember our first trip with Jacob. I was 7 months pregnant with Tyler and we went as a last vacation with just Jacob.


Our next trip wouldn’t be for a couple of years. The boys are all grown up wanting to ride all the rollercoasters and I am still trying to get rid of those last few pounds of baby weight.


After we had so much fun last year, we decided to make Sea World a yearly thing!



Another thing we do when we go to San Antonio is take the trolley to the Alamo.
I thought this picture was cute with Jacob trying to be just like his mommy.


And here we all are this year!
It is crazy how you blink and time has just flown by.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

back from vacation

Howdy y’all!

I am finally back from vacation! And it was a AWESOME!

Over the next few days I will post LOTS and LOTS of pics of our super fun time together as a family at Sea World and at the beach :)

We were only supposed to be gone for a few days, but got a call from my parents who were in Houston about my daddy’s cancer. The doctors gave us the news that it was stage 4 and that my dad was not a candidate for surgery so we would have to fight it with chemo and radiation. When my dad talked to the surgeon who said he could not perform the surgery, he said he had 6 months to a year to live so instead of coming home we drove the 3 hours to be with my parents and comfort them. But the good news it while we were there we got to take the boys to the beach for the first time and watch fireworks on the beach.

Hope you all had a happy and safe 4th of July!