Thursday, March 29, 2012

first lost tooth

Jacob has been telling me for a week that his tooth was loose and that he wanted it to come out so he could get money :) While at dinner with my family last night he kept moving it all around and finally decided it was time to pull it. After two attempts (I think he was afraid it was going to hurt) his tooth was out! And I just have to tell you that his tooth is so stinkin’ tiny. I love it. But I am also goad that it came out when it did because his big boy tooth has already started to grow in.


When we got home instead of putting his tooth under the pillow and waiting until morning, Mike gave him $10 and told him it was a ‘first tooth bonus’. Then after we got home I started to feel bad because we robbed my child of the whole tooth fairy excitement. Does that make me a bad mom? Is it okay for kids that age not to believe in things like that? I am at a loss and feel like I am taking away part of his childhood, but then again I don’t want to lie to him.

Do you tell your kids there are such things as the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa, etc...?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

spring cleaning your life

Right now the sun is shining, the birds are singing and there is a chance of storms. I thought spring would never get here. And now that it is I am eager to do some deep cleaning and get rid of things that I have been holding onto for way too long.

grass_sprouts source

Every year I try to go through and spring clean my life. It’s just like actual spring cleaning, but you clean out everything not just your closet and drawers.

1. Finances

Spring means one major thing for me... TAXES! So every year I go through my files and shred everything that I don’t need. I also like to go through my monthly expenses and figure out where I can save money and start budgeting for summer vacations. I use and I also keep track of certain things in a notebook. You just have to find what works best for you.

2. Declutter Your Home

Over the next couple of weeks go through your house and get rid of things that you no longer need, are broken or you haven’t used in years.

Be honest with yourself too! I can promise that doing so will make you feel so much better. Is it really necessary to hold on to the ten pairs of size 1 jeans that you wore before you ever had kids but have been secretly holding onto hoping that one day your butt would shrink enough for you to squeeze back into or is that can opener that has been sitting in the garage for 6 months going to fix itself?  

3. Donate

After you declutter, gather all the items that can be donated and donate them!

Not only can you use it as a tax write off for the next year, but your stuff will not be going to waste. I am sure there is some girl out there that needs those size 1 jeans even though I am stuck in my size 5’s.

See don’t you feel better already?

4. Deep Clean

Now is the perfect time to get your house in tip top shape. I like to open the windows, crank up the music and go to work. Start in one room and really clean it.
Examples: if you start in the kitchen... baseboards, air vents and behind the refrigerator.
bedroom... ceiling fans, baseboards, under the bed and steam clean carpets.

5. Clean Out Medicine Cabinets and Makeup Bag

Now is the time to go through your medicine cabinet and throw out old and expired medicines. There is nothing worse than having a baby with fever at midnight and when you get out his medicine realize that it has been expired 6 months.

Do the same thing with your makeup! Replace your mascara and throw out anything that looks old or is broken. Say spring with some pretty pink eyeshadow or soft pink lipstick. Here is a great chart to show you how long your makeup is good for.

6. Get a New Do

Another great way to start Spring is by scheduling that long overdo hair appointment. You know you want to! You can cut off inches or just get a trim. Either way it will be a great way to start off the season.

7. Eat Better

I know that we all say that we are going to be healthier and eat better. But do we? I am the first to admit that I am guilty of always saying I am going to eat better, but I never do. Here is the perfect opportunity. Make it a priority to eat healthier this spring. Eat more fresh vegetables. The weather will be warmer so you can grill out.

And what’s even better is with the warmer weather here and the days being longer it will be easier to get out there and go for that walk you have been longing to do or take the kids to the park or ride bikes.

How do you Spring clean your life?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

country pinspiration

Today I am crazy busy cleaning around the house and tearing down wall paper, but I wanted to post something.

And right now I am obsessed with moving from the city to the country!

So I thought that it would be great to post some wonderful country pinspiration.

Happy Tuesday Y’all!







Wednesday, March 21, 2012

afternoon storm

I love the smell of an afternoon spring rain this time of year!
{all pics were taken with my iPhone}




Tuesday, March 20, 2012

spring {love}

Spring is officially here!

Are y’all as excited as I am?

I thought that I would post some wonderful spring-y pictures to get the season started.

I {love} this spring/Easter room decor


Easter centerpiece


B-e-a-utiful! Texas Bluebonnets
I love driving through the country after the flowers bloom!


It’s spring storm season! Let it pour!


Pretty flowers


I love this spring mantel.
Simple and Cheerful


Monday, March 12, 2012

sunday at the park

It looks like the spring-like weather has arrived in Texas!

Which means there are going to be lots of afternoons at the park.

Here are a few pics of my handsome boys enjoying the sunshine.



I love this pic of the boys. Especially Jacob’s face in the background :)

(And the focus is horrible! My camera bag fell and my sweet hubby didn’t want to upset me so he just moved it. Come to find out it jammed my lens.)

Tyler’s favorite thing is to throw rocks on the playground!



Hope you all had a blessed weekend!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

spring break is here!

Spring break has officially started!

Hello cRaZy Texas spring weather!

{this morning}

{the next couple of days}

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

spring/summer wish list

I don’t usually post about fashion or clothes. Not because I don’t want to, I just think that my fashion sense, to be honest, kinda sucks! But today it is a breezy 71* and it got me thinking about a new spring/summer wardrobe. Can we say hello summer dresses and flip flops!

I have always been a tomboy type person. I could not live without my comfy jeans, t-shirts & cheap flip flops. But lately, I have been wanting to upgrade my wardrobe. I was looking through my closet the other day and I still have pieces that I wore in high school, which is incredibly sad because I graduated 10 years ago! I want to have some fun pieces that I can wear to church or dinner or running errands.

My favorite place to get fashion inspiration is Victoria’s Secret. I ‘m not exactly sure why, but I think it has to do with my mom shopping there for years. And I just love their clothes!










Another great place that I find fashion inspiration is Pinterest! I can always find whole outfits put together that are a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. And with them already pieced together for me, all I have to do is try and find the pieces :)