Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Amazing Family Vacation: Part 3

Day 4: Heading Home

Monday was our last day in San Antonio. Sniffle Sniffle.

We got up early enough to enjoy breakfast then started packing up to head home. I am not going to lie, I did not want to go home. I was having an amazing time with my boys.

The best part was Michael and I reconnected. It was like old times. Talking and laughing. I fell in love with him all over again. It was great!

I am already planning our next family vacation =)





There is still water in Texas!


You know your home when the mesquites are bare, the ground is black and there is still the smell of smoke in the air.


Mother Nature is toying with us… we got NO RAIN out of these clouds!


Our Amazing Family Vacation: Part 2

Day 3- Sea World

We got up super early Sunday morning to give Michael his father’s day cards and to get ready for our day at playing at Sea World. I am so glad we arrived early and paid for the Shamu preferred parking. It was so worth it!

And the temperature only reached 104*!












These next two pics are my absolute favorite!





Brand new baby sea lion born 15 minutes before this picture was taken.


Our Amazing Family Vacation: Part 1

Day 1- Friday

We decided to leave early enough Friday to give us a chance to not be in such a hurry and just enjoy the first leg of our vacation. We took our time and enjoyed everything from the small town Mexican food to the boys whining to the people we met along the way!

We arrived in San Antonio around 4pm, which still gave us enough time to head to the Riverwalk for dinner. We ate at the Saltgrass Steakhouse and I have to say I was kinda disappointed with the food, especially for how much it cost.






Tyler was terrified of the big bear!


Day 2- Saturday

We woke up Saturday morning and headed down to the farmer’s market. I was so excited! I absolutely love farmer’s markets!

Then After all was said and done Saturday we were pretty exhausted to we got a pizza and hug out in the hotel room all night watching Extreme Couponing. It was great!



These heirloom tomatoes were divine!


And these were the BIGGEST zucchinis that I had ever seen.



I am in love with this hot pink dishwasher! They had the fridge too!!



The bus was the boys fave part of our day =)




I though this was a pretty cool pic…
{taken at the Buckhorn Saloon and Museum}


Monday, June 27, 2011

This Weeks Menu

I am excited to say that this is my first week planning out a menu for all meals and snacks. We have been staying home to prevent us from eating out so much. Back in May we spent over $500 on eating out alone! It was starting to kill our budget, so I decided to start clipping coupons and planning everything out so everyone knows what will be cooked ahead of time. The meals are not going to be super extravagant, but I am going to try to make sure that they are healthy. My boys need their fruits and veggies! 

Do you plan out a menu for your family?

Cereal (x2)
Egg in a Hole (x2)
Waffles (x2)
Pick Me Up Smoothie

Hot Dogs and Apple Slices
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sushi, Carrot Sticks and Fruit
Spaghetti O’s and Orange Slices
Ramen Noodles, Orange Slices and Celery Sticks
Grilled Cheese and Fruit
Sandwiches, Carrot Sticks and Apple Slices

Jell-O/Pudding Cup
Watermelon Frosties
Mixed Fruit
Frozen Fruit Pops

Quick Tacos with Tomatoes,Cheese and Hot Sauce
Breakfast for Dinner
Quesadillas with Chicken, Meat, Guacamole and Sour Cream
Spaghetti with Garlic Bread
Homemade Pizza 
Steak and Lobster Tail with Shrimp Cocktail, Asparagus and Baked Potato {Anniversary Dinner}
Bacon Wrapped Back Strap, Roasted Squash and Baked Potatoes


I know I have been pretty sparse with the posting and it is because it has been super ca-razy around here! Other than the vacation I am still recovering from, I have been going through the house and cleaning out closets and dressers as well as finding a happy budget to live by. And everyone one thinks I sit at home and watch TV all day. I wish it were that easy!

I have some wonderful things that I am going to be posting about this week. I am going to get my Sea World pics up, I am going to share with you all about my couponing and meal planning, I am working on a household binder that is awesome and can’t wait to share with you, and how I am making my days and weeks flow better. And I can’t forget the desk/office makeover I am working on!

There is so much that I want to tell y’all that I am afraid to overwhelm you. So, I am just going to pace myself and get it all out there! Can you tell I am excited?

I am goin’ to go for now and will be back later after everything is calmed down.

Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Photo Friday Week 25: Swing


This weeks photo Friday has just come so fast!

I am excited to post a pic from our Sea World trip. I am still editing photos. I only took like 900 or so. lol.

I promise my favorites will be up soon!

This weeks pic is of me and the boys on one of the rides in the Sesame Street play area. Now, if I had know that it swung back and forth and around in circles… I would never have gotten on it! But the kids loved it and it was so awesome to see their faces.

Now head on over to Trina’s blog and check out all the other awesome photos!


Next Week: Lighting Experiment

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Photo Friday Week 24: Fathers


I am so excited that Trina is doing Photo Friday today!

You have no idea.

We were in San Antonio all weekend to go to Sea World, so this is a big relief. I hate missing a chance to post wonderful photos. You can head to Trina’s blog to see all the wonderful ‘Father’ photos.

My photo today is nothing super fancy.

It was taken via iPhone with Instagram.

Here are my three favorite guys while we were at the Sea Lion show at Sea World.

Are they not handsome or what?


{I Will be posting vacation photo’s soon!}

Next Week: Swing

Monday, June 13, 2011

Garden Tour

I have wanted to post about my garden for a while not, and my plants were finally ready for their debut.

I have been out in the yard everyday pulling grass and making sure my plants are doing well.

This heat has been killer!

I think it has already killed my squash :( So I have had to get creative and I pinned sheets to the fence to hang over the plants, that way they are not in the direct sunlight during the heat of the day. And in the evening I just pin them back so they are not in the way.

Next week I am going to see about making something to go over them that is a little more ‘garden official’ and then my kids can have their blankets back. {I am going to post a better picture soon!}


See! I told you it looked funny! But, my plants are alive and that is all I care about :)

Someday I hope to have a garden that is at least as big as my backyard… Ahhhh! Those will be the days.

Anyhoo, let’s start the tour…

Here is my sweet leaf basil. I love using fresh basil when I cook!


Parsley and Cilantro. I have them on a pot since the leaves tend to burn easily.


Chives… I don’t use them a whole lot, but I love having them for when I do need them.


I love love love the way rosemary smells. And I use  it a lot when cooking!


Here are my poor carrots. I only have two. They did not come up like they were supposed to, so today I am planting some in a pot. We will see how they do.


I am so proud of my beans! They are doing so well. I can’t wait until they start producing!


I have to have jalapenos! They are a garden staple.


Unfortunately, my yellow heirloom tomatoes are blooming yet. I don’t know what to do…sigh…


I am not sure what these are, so we are going to call them the mystery tomatoes. I have already got to enjoy some of it’s tomatoes but it just leaves me wanting more..


And lastly {but not least} are my celebrity tomatoes. They are doing so much better not that I am shading them during the day. I can’t wait for my first ripe tomato!