Tuesday, April 16, 2013

a peek inside my camera bag

Today and Thursday are picture days for me. I feel blessed to be taking pictures for one of our local Mother's Day Outs. Not only am I really excited, but I am really nervous too! I guess it's only natural when you are taking pictures of 70+ kids in two days. But on the flip side, I am extremely excited that they chose me to take their Spring pictures. And I really like meeting the kids and seeing all their  different personalities. They are so full of life at this age!

I thought that today would be the perfect day to let y'all peek inside my camera bag that I will be taking with me. It's nothing fancy but I like her. She hold most of what I need her to and then some. But I am still on the look out for the perfect camera bag. If there is such a thing.

Here she is in all her turquoise glory...

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