Tuesday, June 18, 2013

pool time!

A few weeks ago I decided to get a pool.

Not like in years past where we have gotten those little rinky-dink plastic or blow up pools. You know the ones, they don't last very long with two boys and a lab. So this summer I thought the bigger the better!

After some searching and a really good sale at Academy I found this beast...

Okay, it's not a beast per say, but it is big enough to lounge in and let the kids get all wild and crazy. And it saves us from spending a ton of money at the city pool!

I even spruced it up a bit with paving stones and rubber mulch! 
Next will be adding some signs on the fence and lights to my porch :)

So this summer I am planning on BBQ'ing a lot with friends and teaching the boys how to swim (finally!) 

What are your summer plans?

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