Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wow! Almost a month...really?!?

Well I know that I posted almost a month ago that it had been forever since I had been on here and then I went MIA again. I have been such a bad blogger lately :( And since things are fianlly somewhat back to normal... I am bacl!!! (Just so you know I am going to backdate my posts up until now so it's like I was never gone :))

Life has definatly been chaotic here the past month! As you all know we started our own businees. We decided to call it... JMT SERVICES after Jacob Michael Tyler. Michael wanted something that had meaning and a name that included the boys names was the perfect way to do it. I am also pleased to tell you that everything is going awsome! He last day on the job was April 24th and we decided to go out of town that weekend to get away and he had a friend call him Monday and say that he found him a guy who wants to contract him out starting Tuesday morning and he has been there ever since. He has also been working for a ton of other people, our prayers have definatly been answered. And the best part is is that he is staying busy, loves what he's doing and were making more money! Yay! But the down side is he works a lot more than he used to so we don't get to see him much anymore.

I have been waiting on word from Jacob's potential pre-school on whether he got in or not. That has to be the hardest part. I really am hoping he got in because I really thinks he needs it just as much as me. And I know that he would enjoy having some kids his own age to play with during the day. Tyler has been sick with a snotty nose and an ear infection. That has been no fun for about 2 weeks. I can't wait until I get to sleep through the night again.

And in the next few weeks I have a wedding, 2 birthdays (one of which is Michael's) and Father's Day to plan for. And people wonder why I have 2

So tonight I called in dinner, had Michael pick it up on his way in from work and sat back, ate my hot wings and boy were they yummy! After the kids are bathed and to bed Michael and I are going to sit down and watch 'The Fog'....the remake since I have never seen it.

Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday! And I am so glad to be back!!!

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  1. Well I'm really glad you're back, thanks for the catch up! Happy to hear the business has taken off!