Monday, February 20, 2012

so many ideas...

Howdy Y’all!

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to the week!

Since I was sick this last week and did not felt like going anywhere, I laid around looking at the rooms in my house thinking about what I wanted to do with them. I had all these jumbled, crazy ideas running around in my head like ants on a lollipop. So, I put my drawing abilities to the test and started putting down what I was seeing in my head. And I have to say… they didn’t turn out too shabby!


The top picture is what I want the guest bathroom to look like. I love the idea of removing the doors and shelves on both sides and using wicker baskets for towel storage. Then the bottom left picture is of my teeny tiny bathroom. I think that the curtains and shelves for towels would make a huge impact on the way the bathroom looks. Right now the picture looks way better than the actual bathroom :)


This picture is where I got my inspiration for the baskets under the sink. Mine will just be a little bit bigger. 



For the longest time I had nothing hanging on the walls or laying around to spruce the place up. Over the past year of so I have discovered that I love hanging things on the wall and love buying little things to give my house my own little touch. I really want a sign like the one below to hang in my entryway above my door. I just love the idea of your last name and the year you were married.


Can’t you just picture the sign above the door? I know I can! And I can picture that U-G-L-Y tile being gone! I can’t wait for the day we get hardwood floors :) Also in the entryway we will be replacing the closet door, moving the sofa table from the living room into the entry, hanging more picture frames and starting a cross collection on the wall on the right and painting it the same color as the kitchen.


Note: the walls only look that color because of the flash. It’s a bad pic and makes them look kinda purple. The color looks way better than that in natural light.

Living Room

This living room looks nothing like mine does. Not even if you were to close your eyes and wish for it. What I love about this living room is…1) the subtle but colorful accents. I have a brown similar to that on most of my walls {except my living room because it makes it way to dark due to lack of windows} and have a lot of white and black frames. I think little pops of color would make my house jump for joy. And 2) it just looks fun :o)


This is my special project. This dresser has been in my kitchen and in my bedroom and soon to be in my living room! We are going to take out all the drawers and all drawer stuff, remove the center beam and add a shelf in the middle that goes all the way across. Then we will move it into my living room and use it as a TV stand :) The shelf will be perfect for our cable box and Wii and the bottom shelf will have baskets for Wii games/controllers, TV accessories, etc…

I can’t wait to get this project done!!


My husband thought I was crazy, but I told him everyone's doing it!



Here is what my kitchen looked like back in 2009…
{Now that I am looking at the pics, I am really tired of the red walls!}


… and here it is now.
I can’t believe how different it looks just by changing the table.


My inspiration…

I really like the black accents and fun drapes. I know that you can’t see it, but I have a ceiling fan above the table that HAS TO GO! I can even picture my chairs painted black.



Master Bedroom

My bedroom is my biggest challenge. I spent a lot of time sponge painting the walls, and now I am not sure how to decorate it! And one of the reasons I don’t know how to decorate it is because of the bedding. I want a cute bedding that is not too dark, but something that will not get all grungy really easy. Michael is a mechanic, and well… they never some clean no matter how much they scrub. It’s sad really :o(


My inspiration…

I love the whole girly look in the master bedroom. Maybe it is because I live in a house of boys where there are Legos and hot wheels everywhere, I’m just sayin. A think a little pink does a girl good :) I am not sure how I would incorporate pink into my room yet, I just don’t want it to be too girly. I don’t think Michael would take to kindly to our room being invaded by the pink fairy.



  1. I love all the ideas you shared!! We just moved into a new house and I have no idea how to decorate it!!

    Is that your entry way with the turqouise door? It's really cute!

  2. Sorry I just now noticed that you had commented and I wasn't sure how to get back with you :) Yes! That is my front door. I got bored having the same colored door as everyone else in my neighborhood so I painted it turquoise!