Monday, June 25, 2012

cancer sucks!

I have been kind of in and our lately, but it was for good reasons I promise.

Two weeks ago my dad went in for a regular doctor visit due to problems swallowing. By the end of the day the doctors were 90% sure that my dad had esophageal cancer. The worst part was it was Friday and they would not have the results back until Monday.

Why do doctors do that?

Do they know how horrible it is to sit around all weekend awaiting test results that can change a persons life forever?!

After a weekend of praying and worrying and more praying our worst fears were confirmed...

... my daddy had cancer!

It’s still so crazy! He has been in pretty good health all my life. We were completely blindsided by the whole thing. But what do you do?

No amount of crying, whining, yelling, screaming or begging will change the diagnoses.

It has been a rough couple of weeks, but we are all getting through it. This week my mom and dad are having everything staged and re-tested so by the end of the week we should have a more solid game plan on how we are going to fight this.

I have put my faith in God and know that He is in control. This is one of those situations where no one can do anything. We have to put our faith in the Lord and let him do what it is He does. Because He is the best at it. I know no matter the outcome God’s will is being done and He will be glorified!

Now that things are not as crazy and on there way back the {the new} normal I will be back on here posting regularly. I have lots of crafts and stuff to post. And I can’t forget LOTS of pictures!

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  1. what awful news, i'm sorry to hear about your dad's cancer diagnosis. you are right in that everything is in God's control, lean on Him during great times and bad times, He is always the best source of strength! praying for recovery for your dad