Thursday, February 6, 2014

snow-y day

Today we got an unexpected surprise...


None of the weather reports told us it was coming, so when we woke up to large snowflakes and bitterly cold temps we were excited. Since the roads were not iced over school was not cancelled which made the boys sad that they had to go to school instead of stay home and lounge around in their jammies. But the good news is, since school was not cancelled my hubby decided to take the day off from work (he works outside) and hang out with me! I know, I am one lucky gal! 

The snow was really coming down when I dropped the kids off at school.

We are so cool that on our date day without kids we thought we should go to Office Depot to get toner for our printer. It was so romantic :) And it was still snowing like crazy!

Eventually the snow slowed and then stopped altogether which made me incredibly sad. I really love the snow. Maybe it is because we rarely ever get it, whatever it is I know I love it. The last stop on our date day was to have an ice cold beer on this ice cold day. 
Isn't he amazing?! 

Winter, if you are reading this... please send more snow soon! 

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