Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Scrappin'

I have been meaning to get my scrapbooking stuff organized for a while now. Everything was thrown into a laundry basket and was doing me no good. So yesterday I got out the new scrapbooking tote my MIL got me for my birthday and decided to put everything in it. I am extremly excited because I found a lot of scrapboking ideas in magazines that I would like to try. Plus, I have over 500 pictures that need to be scrapbooked! Eeeek! I hope that I have tons of things to post up for you in the near future.

Here is my new scrapbook tote and my paper organizer

This is it open

A close up of everything in it right now

I'm such a bad scrapbooker that I'm not even sure what these are called...

My idea pocket

Stickers Galore!

I love my tape dispensers. They are so fun and easy to use!

Ready Set Tool... I love this thing!

My mass loads of paper. Sad thing is I always find somthing that I need.

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