Tuesday, June 1, 2010

P.F. Changs Anyone?

I was uber excited when that when I was in OKC this last weekend I got to eat at P.F. Changs! I had never eaten there before and never even thought I would get the chance to eat there. So when my in-laws let me decide that's where I wanted to go (:

The spring rolls were very scrumptious! I had never ate them before and now I think I like them better than I like eggrolls.

Tyler thought he was a big man eating with the chopstick like things. He was happy and content eating one grain of rice at a time.

I thought that this was a cute picture of him shoveling his grain of rice down like it was a huge piece of food.

And here is what I had to eat... the Combo Double Pan Fried Noodles and the Shrimp Sichuan from the Sea. It was freaking good! I have to say that I would not pay those prices for myself... but I will let someone take me there anytime ;)

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