Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pulling Bushes... Tonne Style

Michael made a deal with me that if I found a home for the dog he disliked we would make the backyard a happy place to be again. So, I packed up my puppy for my parents house. Trust me she is better there than in our backyard. With us both working we hardly had time for her and there she has 5 other dogs to play with. My #1 project was pulling these annoying bushes that just took up space.

And this is how we did it... with Michael's 6K lb auto crane :D
Boy did it work like a charm!

And then there were no more bushes... YAY!

Here is Michael hauling them to the dumpster. I cannot imagine having to do that the old fashioned way with a shovel and all... I have to say... a crane is the only way to go.

Now I just have to figure out what I want to do with that side of the yard. I think I want to plant green beans and black eyed peas. Maybe I will just put down sod... I don't know yet. But I will have to post pics when the backyard is cleaned up and the grass starts getting green. It's so beautiful then! And thank you again Michael for all your hard work on pulling the bushes for me (: <3>

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