Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ghosts of Living Room Pasts

If you read yesterdays post you know that my living room is my major project this weekend. I found some pictures to show you how it looked before I talked my hubby into letting me paint the walls.

Here is the living room in early 2009. We bought the house in 05’ so I went four years with these brown walls. Now I know that they are not that bad, but to me they just screamed 1980’s! Michael loved them, but I was home all day and the brown walls on top of the brown carpet was just way too much.


I just had to throw this in the mix. This is the tile that I am pulling up this weekend as well.
Is this stuff not awful?!? I can’t believe that I have not got rid of it sooner!


Note: Please excuse the crazy mess that is going on in this pic.
This is the living room after we painted it. It was a pain to paint because of the paneling on the walls, but in all I am happy that we ended up painting it. I think it brightened up the place. You can also tell that all of the furniture we had was just a hodge podge of stuff that we had collected over the course of our marriage. That couch, when it was new, was the most comfortable couch on earth! I literally slept on it the last 3 months of my pregnancy with Jacob. It was soooo comfortable! Unfortunately, the coffee table was not really kid friendly. Those sharp corners and wobbly babies did not get along. And the carpet you see a little bit of there was the oldest carpet I had ever seen. It was the original carpet from 1982!


And here is my living room these days with a few adjustments here and there. The carpet was the first thing to go. One day after I tripped over the carpet that was bunching in the hall I decided enough was enough! I went and bought a heavy duty box cutter and started tearing it out. The funny thing is when Michael left for work that morning we had carpet, when he came home it was all in the dumpster :) It was so old that the padding underneath had deteriorated. Yuck! The best transformation though was Michael getting me new furniture for Christmas last year. I know it wasn’t brand new, but it was new to me :)


You have now seen the changes I have made to my living room over the last couple of years.
I will post pics next week of the new wall color and soon I will be able to show you all the new floors!

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  1. Wow, the light paint really makes a world of difference!! I love your new furniture and the rug. Can't wait to see your new floors too!