Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Have Been Inspired

I have posted about re-doing my house for a while now, but have not really accomplished anything. I am the worst procrastinator in the world! But the main reason is because I have not been able to decide to what I really wanted to do with my house. I have kept in mind to keep it simple and put what I like in the house, but to also keep in mind that I need to keep it somewhat neutral so I won’t have to repaint everything when we sell the house.

My living room has been my biggest project. As you can see from the picture below it is still a work in progress.

I painted my walls a while back. The color is called brandied pears and it’s great, but it is too white for me. I am now painting them a color called natural wicker and I just love the color! The entryway looks completely different than it does in this pic. The walls need another coat of paint and I am pulling up the tile this weekend. I could go on and on about all the things I want to change in this picture alone. Here are just a few: move T.V to opposite wall {you can’t see in picture}, hang new window treatments, install hardwood floors, replace fireplace doors {I HATE THE GOLD!}, repaint walls, hang a cute chandelier type light in the entryway, get new light switch plates, paint table in entryway… and there is so much more!


This living room immediately caught my eye because of the color of the curtains.
I love the green!
I think it would be a great pop of color in my living room.


Moving on to my other big project in the house… the kitchen!

{I don’t really have any good pictures of my kitchen that would make for good viewing so we will just do without them for now.}

I love the kitchen below. I wish that my kitchen was this big. It would be nice for sure. I always thought that I was a fan of black kitchen cabinets, but lately I have been liking the idea of white cabinets and a black island. I think it looks way better than all black cabinets, and wouldn’t make my small kitchen look any smaller.

And don’t you just love the tall green bar chairs!


This is the dining room.

I like how they red pulls everything together and makes it feel like home. Plus, it’s hard for me to resist red kitchen walls!

Photos via Google

This is another kitchen that I found on Pinterest today.

The layout is almost exactly like my kitchen :)

I love everything about this kitchen! I really like that they painted the walls green and the table red. I think that this color would livin’ up my kitchen and lighter cabinets would compliment my white appliances.
I think I may have a kitchen to copy :)

Photo via Timmon’s Family Lemonade

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