Monday, May 7, 2012

blessing in disguise

Last Wednesday night Tyler and Jacob were playing and Tyler tripped and fell. He said he hit his face and almost immediately his jaw area began to swell and he could not eat. I immediately thought that he broke his jaw. So there we went at 9pm to the ER.


They did a CT scan to check for any fractures.


My brave little guy did wonderful :)


We finally got to go home around 1:30am.

They sent us home that night and told us that nothing was broken, but when we got up the next morning his face was double the size as the night before and he could still not eat. So off to the pediatrician we went.


The doctor did not know what could be causing the swelling so she sent us back to the hospital for another round of CT scans. After they did their scans they sent us back to the doctor who was concerned because the swelling had gotten even worse throughout the day. So she sent us back to the hospital where we were admitted. We even got an added bonus that day... we found out he had a rock stuck in his ear from one of the CT scans :)

Tyler was so brave when he got his IV and they hooked him up to all the monitors. And even after 18 hours with no food he was still all smiles.


We told him he was in the hospital so he needed to look sick. This was his sick face... :)


By Thursday night his face was severely swollen. His face had more than tripled in size even though he was on two very strong antibiotics. All they could tell us was he had an infection in h is lymph nodes but didn’t tell us much more.


Friday morning he woke up and he was finally starting to look better.
He was even in the mood to eat his breakfast!


Him and his daddy were so cute sitting there together. We were on the third floor so they were talking about all the buildings and cars. It was adorable :)


Friday night we had problems with his IV and I had an altercation with a male nurse who yelled at Tyler. It was 3am and he woke Tyler up to flush it. Either way I did not appreciate the way he was treating Tyler so I told him to leave. But the good news was they took out his IV. It was a huge deal.

By Saturday morning Tyler was feeling much better! His face looked so much better and he was back to his old self. He had a blast playing with his balloons that his little friend sent him.


His favorite thing to do was hide in the little closet in the hospital room and jump out at us :)


Before noon Saturday around lunch the doctor had came to see Tyler and said he could go home on oral antibiotics. We were so happy! After three days in the hospital we were all ready to go home,spend some time with Jake and see my in-laws.

I am so grateful to everyone who prayed for Tyler’s healing, my BIL and SIL for keeping Jake so Michael and I could stay Tyler and God for blessing us with such a wonderful little man who was awesome even under not so desirable circumstances. And had he not complained about hitting his face when he tripped, we would never have known how bad his infection actually was. It was a blessing in disguise!


Rejoice in hope, patient with affliction, faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12


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