Monday, September 17, 2012

comfy fall/winter clothes

Since I am super busy today and want to blog about something I let the cooler weather we have been having inspire me :)

There is just something about colder weather and comfy clothes don’t ya think?

This sweater looks really comfy and really warm.
And you can dress it up or down. Great find at Cabelas!


I really like this sweater.
Maybe it’s the color, but I really would love to lounge around or go grocery shopping in this one!
Another great find at Cabelas.


I can’t have too many hoodies!
They are my go to item when it’s cold outside.


Comfy sweatpants are a MUST!
You can get these at Maurice's for $29.99


I LOVE Bearpaw boots!
I need another pair for this winter.


And lastly, I would really like to get me a pair of Frye Campus Boots.
But I am not sure if I want to spend that much $$ on them or not.


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