Saturday, September 29, 2012

dreaming of a new house and the big 500

Firstly I want to say...

**** Happy 500th post to Me! ****

Continuing on... here recently we have been talking about selling our house and getting something bigger.

So naturally, I was on my Trulia app looking all over for house inspiration. Not that it does me any good. What I can find in other places is not what I can find here at home, and even if I could everything around here is way overpriced right now. I did find a few houses that I love, but they are in different states and I seriously doubt that I am going to talk my husband into moving away from his job.

That’s okay tho :) A girl can dream can’t she?

I love this first house. I have always wanted a house that looks like this. Maybe it’s the front porch or the shutters. Whatever it is I love it!


This house would be perfect. It sits on 16 acres and has large windows with great views and actual seasons. Oh ya, it’s in VERMONT! But seriously, how wonderful would it be to watch those leaves change in the Fall or your kids squeal with excitement because it’s snowing on Christmas. My poor boys barely know what snow is. Thanks a lot Texas!

house2 house3

Now here is something I can do. Granted, my kitchen looks nothing like this but I could paint my cabinets and change my countertops. I love the black cabinets! Some would disagree but I don’t care. I still love them :) But wait...


... they did paint where the sink is and the bar white to balance it. That makes it that makes it even better! Now I just have to convince my hubby to let me paint my kitchen cabinets black before we try and sell our house.

Hey! It could happen :) I do have to live here until then ya know.


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