Sunday, October 13, 2013

a colorful run... walk

Yesterday my two favorite girlfriends and I participated in the Color Vibe 5K. In all honesty it was probably the happiest and most colorful 5k that I have ever been too (not to mention the only one). Everyone was pumped and ready to get the party started... and it was only 9am! Shortly after we arrived everyone broke open their color packets and went completely crazy with it. 

I think we got more color on us while we were waiting our turn to start than we did while we were on the course. All in all the experience was a blast (had I not been sick)! And we will definitely be doing the Color Run next month, but this time we will be taking all of the kids. We really think that they will enjoy all of the crazy colorful fun! 

Don't let that smile fool you. I was trying to hide my pain and that's when the funnest part came. I sat for 3 hours in urgent care. Color and all. I had started my weekend with what I thought was just a pesky UTI but soon learned that I had a double kidney infection and that the jog/walk that I attempted during the 5K only aggravated the whole thing. So I spent the next two days in and out of bed in pain waiting for my antibiotics to start working.

Now that I'm all better I am ready to put my happy colorful socks back on and put my feet to the pavement!

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