Monday, April 28, 2014

no more UGLY floors!

When we moved into our house nine years ago we knew that there were going to be things that needed to be updated or just replaced all together. I have already removed the carpet throughout the house (except the bedrooms and they are next) but the floors in the entry and the bathrooms needed to go. Unfortunately it has taken us this long to start working on them.

These were the floors that I hated most looking at day in and day out. I had tried to get them out on my own, but they were a special form of terra-cotta tile that just happened to be cemented to the floor. Every time you would take a hammer or a chisel to it it would just shatter the top layer. And sadly because of this I gave up and let them sit like they were for over 8 months. I feel ashamed that I went for so long with these awful looking half removed floors. 

Here is a closer look...

Then one day Michael decided that an air hammer would work great at removing the tiles. So off to Harbor Freight we went! Let me tell you a little secret... If you are looking for some cheap tools to do a few things around the house Harbor Freight is the place. They may not have top quality items, but they get the job done for a fraction of the price. 

Two and a half hours of hammering and a quarter inch of dust later the floors were gone! GONE!

It is so nice to walk through the front door and not have that tile staring back at me. Now we just need to decide what kind of flooring we are going to install next!

Next was the awful guest bathroom floor! Luckily the linoleum was WAY easier to remove than the tile. I purchased a little multi too at Harbor Freight that had scraper attachments made just for these projects. Even with the right tools it still took me about 5 days to get it off the floor. And to be honest there are still spots that I need to work on around the edges. It now looks better than it has in years! Now we are decided whether to put waterproof wood flooring or tile. So many decisions! 

Sorry no after pics yet, but they are coming soon!

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