Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wannabe Farm Girl

If you have read my blog you know that I live in West Texas where it is dry and desolate. There is not much here. The closest zoo is 3 hours away and they have groundhogs as an exhibit... and that would be okay except I can drive down the street and see 40 of them by the time I reach the corner. I almost hit a coyote driving down my street! I like it here because this is 'home' but I think I am ready to make 'home' somewhere else.

I know I said that where I live it is dry and desolate... but to be honest the past week that has not been the case. In the past week we have gotten almost 10" of rain! They said it is the 7th wettest July on record (I guess that's a big deal around here). There are parts where I live that are really pretty... but only in a 'look at the sunset behind that pump jack' kinda way. Right now it is all green from all the rain, but in a month when we have not gotten any everything will go back to the shades of brown and yellow that they always are.

Now moving on to where I want to be... I want to live somewhere where they have beautiful rolling hills and green countryside. Someplace that makes you think 'wow' when you look out your window in the morning. Personally, I think that place is Missouri! I have never been a fan of leaving Texas, but when I went to visit I thought it was the most beautiful place I had ever been. I am trying to convince Michael that we need buy a farm in Missouri and become farmers. I would love to live off the land and grow our own food.

The perfect life to me would be to sit on my front porch on my porch swing and and watch my kids play in the front yard with our dog. And it would be perfect to have actual seasons to look forward to instead of summer lasting until Christmas day. I mean here in West Texas it can be snowing one day and 90* the next.... NO FUN!

Maybe someday!?!?

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