Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fiery Red Head

Well hello all of you blogger buddies.... It sure seems like I have been gone for a long time. So much has gone on since I have been away. I am not even sure where to start... lets see...

I dyed my hair! I went from being a blonde to a (somewhat) red head! I am not really sure how much I like it...

Here I am as a blonde...

The color is processing...

And here is the finished product! What do you think?


  1. Hi my dear! I have to say I really like the red, it has a nice rich color to it and I think it's a nice change for fall. My friend who dyes her hair always goes a bit darker in the fall.

    Happy belated birthday too! I have to admit I know what you mean by 25 being a bit of a blow. Not that 25 was bad for me but for some reason 26 was. At 26 I was never going to be in my early 20ies again. I thought my cool young days were gone. But happily that is not the case but it took a few months to get over it.

    I am wondering why someone said you were like your mom, if that person was implying that you are an unhappy bitter person than that person is definitely NOT your friend. Get away quick.

    As far as marriage goes, do you think he's just stressed? Being the main provider especially with the difficult period you two went through a little bit ago might have something to do with it. Maybe he is stressed and tired.

    We went through a similar period too, back when Brad was still in graduate school and it turns out he was just really preoccupied with work issues. He tends to keep things in but I thought it had something to do with me. We reconnected and he tries to talk things out with me and not be all moody. Cause I take that kind of thing personally.

  2. Just noticed how LONG my comment was, maybe as long as your post. Guess I should've emailed! But girl you need to call if you are having a hard time!