Saturday, August 28, 2010

For the Love of Turquoise

My recent obsession with the color turquoise has turned into a absolute love for it! I can't wait to decorate my house using this wonderful color! Something about it makes me smile :) During my search of the internet today I collected my favorite photos showing how I would love to use turquoise in my home. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do.

I am totally in love with the cabinets below. I am wondering how well they would work in my kitchen?!?

I absolutly love the kitchen below. My kitchen looks nothing like it, but I am wondering how hard it would be to recreate the colors. And I could always restain my cabinets to make them that rich dark color.

And since I don't have the space like this maybe I can paint my buffet or table this color to give it that pop of color!

I reallly like the kitchen below too... oh my! there are so many ideas that are dancing in my head! I really want to put that kind of tile in my kitchen. And there they go again with the wonderful rich dark wood cabinets...

I looove this bedroom! I could see myself sleeping here every night with a smile :) on my face.

These pics below are the ones that I am looking at for my guest room/office.

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