Monday, August 2, 2010

Kitchen: The Beginning

These past few days I have been busy busy busy with decluttering my house. And it has been wonderful! Everything that I have posted on has all sold!! I even sold my Tahoe!

The majority of my Saturday I spent cleaning my garage and I am kicking myself in the be-hind for not taking before and after pictures. Because the after is waaaaaaay different than the before! I filled up my whole trash can with stuff that needed to be thrown away.

Well.... yesterday I decided to declutter my kitchen by getting rid of unnecessary furniture and moving a few things around.

Pic of the before...

I think that the kitchen hutch just took up a lot of space and you couldn't really store anything in it. And someone got a steal when they bought it for only $10.

And here is the after...

I moved another piece that I had in the kitchen to use as the microwave stand for now. I am going to take an old dresser and turn it in to kind of a buffet. It is a Pier1 wood dresser with 8 drawers that have the wicker looking fronts. I have decided to do is paint the dresser black and stain the wicker fronts. I plan on using it for table linen storage and as a microwave stand until I get the microwave above my stove. I can't wait to show you those projects!!! (:

I still have to finish my laundry room too. I am bouncing around between the laundry room and kitchen due to funding the projects right now. After I finish both of those I am going to paint my kitchen table black and paint my kitchen cabinets black as well. I have not decided whether to paint my kitchen walls yet or not...but I think I am going to pain them a beige-y color so I can go with any color scheme.

I have lots more to post in the days and weeks to come! Hope to hear feedback from all of you (:

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