Friday, September 3, 2010

Breakfast Tray

WoW! Seems like forever since I have posted! It's just been busy busy this last week. Sooo happy to be back :)

Today as I was cleaning up my room to start painting tomorrow, I saw this breakfast tray sitting in the corner collecting dust. I got it at Target a couple of year ago to use while I was reading in bed. As I was looking at it I got a bright idea DING! the light bulb went off. I had bought paint samples the other day at Home Depot, you know those 8oz. Behr ones you can make any color and are only $2.47, well I got one in Caribbean Blue because I thought that is what color I wanted to paint my bathroom. Well, I had this paint and this breakfast tray... so I decided to paint my tray Caribbean Blue and use as a bed tray once I get my room complete. And I am so happy that I did because I LOVE IT!!!!

Here is what the tray looked like before...
(I forgot to take a pic so this is the one from the website)

After I primed it...

Here is my new breakfast tray in Caribbean Blue!
Love it!!!

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