Thursday, July 29, 2010

Finally Making Our House a Home

I have started today on our house renovations. I know it may not be much but the laundry room cabinets had to be changed (pics to come soon!). I have to say that I was completely tired of my house looking like a bachelor pad with no carpet, beat up cabinets and plain jane walls. This home makeover is going to take a while with us being on a budget and all, but I can't wait for the finished product (:

I think I have convinced my dear sweet husband to invest in hard wood floors! Yippie!! I have wanted them for soooooo long. But then again anything is better than concrete right now. I still can't decide whether I want to put hardwood or tile the kitchen. But I do know that I will defiantly be pulling up the NASTY linoleum in the bathrooms and replacing it with tile. And the funny thing is I have carpet... YES! CARPET!! in half of my bathroom. I don't know what these people were thinking!?

And then comes my kitchen cabinets! They are awful! Horrible! Okay well maybe I am being overly dramatic by just a hair. But I think that they are awful. I am sure that back in the day solid oak cabinets were in and people just loved looking at brown all the time. NOT ME!!! I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and I want something fresh and relaxing. Something that is going to make me smile every time I walk in instead of making me wince every time I see them. I have two ideas and I am not sure which one I like. I got them both from The Lettered Cottage! Her house is amazing and I love both things she has done with her kitchen. She is my new inspiration on remodeling my house :) Both are absolutely b.e.a.utilful! And I just can't decide which one I want to see every morning when I walk into my kitchen.

The white and grayish cabinets are so relaxing and they really brighten up the room. I have all white appliances so I know that they will go perfectly with this color scheme. And I love how neutral all the colors are. You can put almost anything in there to decorate and it automatically fit right in.

Then again I love the black cabinets against the white appliances and tan counter tops. I am afraid that the black will make the room look small and will darken it a little too much. I do have 2 huge windows in my dining area and one above my sink but I am not sure if it is enough natural light to keep the room bright and cheery.

With the boys bedroom I am going to start purging toys. I think it is ridiculous that my boys were allowed to accumulate that many toys. Especially since they are about the same age and play with the same things. So I have two of things! It's a hott mess!! After I get rid of toys and trash I am going to move their bed and paint their walls a soft yellow. Something that resembles sunshine to open up the small room. Both the boys LOVE bugs! So, what I have decided to do is paint a huge tree in the corner of their room and various bugs around the room. Eventually I will hang things on the wall... but not until they won't rip them off first chance they get.

And lastly, OUR BEDROOM! This is the one I want to get done more than anything. I am ready to have a room I can go relax in that is my escape from all the craziness throughout the rest of the house. I want a big comfy bed that I can snuggle up in at night and dream sweet dreams. Then I want to have a vanity that screams HEY BEAUTIFUL every morning when I brush my teeth (: But mostly I want to turn Michael's 'man' bathroom into something that we can both use.

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