Monday, October 25, 2010

Finally getting a good routine going…maybe…

I have been having trouble getting into a good solid routine since school started. I know, I know it’s been almost a little over 2 months and it is still killing me! Usually we are a huge ball of craziness in the morning getting ready for work and school and today was the end of my rope. If I have to go about my mornings all year like this I am going to run away to some far away island with no return address.

Here is the schedule I think may actually work for us:

Night before- Set out clothes for the boys, have backpack and lunch box by the door, take showers or baths and read book before bedtime.

6:00am- Get up and start coffee (you know this is the most important one of the morning), make breakfast and let Baylee out.
6:30am- Wake up boys, wake up Michael, get boys dressed and feed everyone
7:20am- Leave the house to drop Jacob at school.

I think that this may actually work! I am excited to try it and see how well it goes. If anyone has any wonderful shortcuts for the morning I would be so thankful if you shared them :)

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