Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Handbag Heaven

This is so unlike me and I am scaring myself just a little bit but I have found the perfect handbag! I know you are sitting there saying ya right! I swear I’m not crazy :)

Rewind to when I was in Oklahoma City back in August I went to TJ Maxx to see if I could find a new purse. When I walk in the first thing I noticed were these designer handbags sitting on table in front of all the other ones. So, being curious me I walked over and started looking. I immediately saw $199 and knew that it was out of my price range. And the fact that they normally go for $400 shocked me even more! There were a bunch of black ones there and a dark green one, but underneath them all was this on tan colored one. It was big with a red interior and had two straps for your shoulder and a long strap so you could use it as a cross body… needless to say I was in love! But I still couldn’t afford it. i decided I would think about it while I shopped so I grabbed it up and put it on using the long cross body strap and it was so nice to have free hands… but the more I thought about it the more I knew Michael would kill me!! So I reluctantly put the bag back without looking at a designer or anything.

Fast forward through August, September and the beginning of this month. I have searched countless hours on eBay trying to find the handbag that got away. Until last night! I googled ‘brown cross body bag tj maxx $199’ and WHAM! there is was!

The designer is Jenrigo from Italy and it is made of authentic snake skin. I have never heard of the designer but there are several of them on eBay and boy those things are not cheap. I however did find the one I want and now just have to convince myself to buy it since Michael gave me the green light. I really really want this purse, now I just have to somehow justify the money…I mean it is a steal compared to $400 right?

Jenrigo bag 1 Jenrigo bag 2

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