Thursday, January 21, 2016

this rut i'm in

Here I sit.

In the doorway of my closet because I really don't feel like taking the laundry all the way across the house to be washed.

Instead I am going to sit here and talk about the damned style rut that has been plauging me for months! All day I have been going through my closet seeing if there is anything that can be turned into a cute outfit. Surprisingly, thanks to Pinterest I have a lot more to work with than I thought! Who would have known?

I sure as hell wouldn't! I never really dressed to impress before, but since we moved to small town america I have just felt like what is the point?? Who am I gonna see that is gonna care if I am wearing my house shoes in the middle of the day? Or that I am probably wearing the same shirt as I did the day before? It was clean enough right. The only time I actually see people is when I go get the mail or I have to run to the corner market. There is that occasional night I go up to my husbands shop and hang out and drink beer... Lets get real tho... they really don't care about what I look like. And worst case scenerio they will just tell people that I looked like a hobo that say. No biggie.

But I will confess... I AM SICK OF WEARING YOGA PANTS ALL THE TIME!!! Even my husband is sick of seeing me in those black stretchy pants! Maybe I could just start wearing black leggings and argue that it really is clothes and not workout clothes. Just a thought.

I think the biggest part of not putting on real clothes is because I have no reason to put on real clothes. My cat isn't that hard to impress and is it really worth it to get all dolled up just so you can wipe up pee from the toilet seat in the kids bathroom?

I would like to tell you no. It's not worth it. But in reality it is. I have noticed that when I put on a nice pair of skinny jeans and a cute top that fits (that is a whole nother' blog post) I really feel better about myself and the day seems to be a lot better in general. It is really nice to not feel like a frumpy stay at home every now and then.

So if you are feeling like there is no point to get up and dressed because you have nothing to do and no one to see, take it from me IT IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT! Even if you plan on doing dishes or a load of laundry. Throw on some lipstick and a cute top and get after it. You will be surprised by how much it alters your outlook on the day.

Here are a few casual, nothing too fancy outfit ideas I got from the things that I have hiding in my closet...

(all images via Pinterest)

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