Monday, February 23, 2009

What girl doesn't love flowers?!?

I had to run by Albertson's today for some red radicchio that they did not have at HEB. Well I always look at the flowers because they are always so pretty...but I never get them because I have always hated them. But I have changed over the years and now love them!

As I was walking to the checkout I noticed a basket full of fresh flowers. I did not see a prce tag so I asked one of the cashiers if she knew if they were on sale or not. They told me the price should be on there. So I picked them up again and looked a little harder. I was shocked when I saw the price tag..... .99 cents!!!!!! I can not imagine what the regular price was....but wow! I was so happy to have found them for so cheap. I was so happy I ended up buying 2.

Oh ya, the red radicchio was marked $5.99 and the guy at the counter said he didn't want to look up the number so put in the cabbage number and it came out to .35 cents! WooHoo!!

When I got in the car I called my husband and thanked him for the flowers and was happy to tell him that they were super cheap. Now I have roses for our dinner on thursday.

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  1. Wow what a great deal you got on those flowers! Wonder if they were left over from Valentine's day? Lucky you, savin' money and not even trying. They were really free when you consider you got the red radicchio for less too! What did you use it to make?