Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Bust!

I am not one that is too big on the whole Valentine's thing but this year Michael and I had decided to not get each other anything for Valentine's Day. We do this every year because he is always working and never has time to go get anything...and even if he remembers it's too late by the time he gets there and all the good things are gone. Well, I decided he atleast deserved a little somthing so while Courtney and I were at the mall we stopped in so we could get cards. Michael is one of those guys that lacks a little in the romance department. He tries...but by the time he gets around to it it is suually last minute and ends up hurting my feelings because he put so little thought into it. Every year I get my hopes up thinking that maybe he will prove me wrong and suprise me with somthing...and every year I get heartbroken because it never comes. Not even a card! I know I am not the biggest fan of chocolate and I may not like flowers...but it would be nice to get somthing to show that he was thinking of me! It is funny that he thinks I am overreacting...but I think if you ask any girl and she would tell you the same thing. I know he works hard so I always try to do something special for him. Then to top all of it off...he told me his cousin called and wants him to go hunting on the 28th! Could he not have waited to bring that up?!?

In the end it was a good day. I spent the majority of the day with my two boys while Michael worked and then we went over to Lance and Courtney's house for a steak dinner. It was so cute becuase Tyler took Laney a valentine. The kids were happy because they got to play and I was happy to spend the day with friends.

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