Saturday, January 8, 2011

Photo Friday Week 1: Cold

Today I am posting my first Photo Friday picture. I am with Trina, I took a million pictures of everything and nothing just screamed ‘this is it!’, but when you live in Texas it is never cold enough to take pictures of anything good outside. The only thing that came to mind that I knew represented cold, was ice cream.

Now, it is not the greatest picture, and I am going to try and do better next week. But on another note, the cobbler in the background was really yummy!


I promise next week will be better!


  1. yummy icecream. you and trina are going to ruin my diet! :) lol

  2. Ha, I love that both of us Southern girls with no snow to photograph turned to ice cream instead! Go us! Although I didn't have any yummy cobbler :( So sad. Anyway....great job! So glad you are on board! WHOOP! :)

  3. May I have 2 servings please? That looks so yummy! Visiting from the link-up. Glad to meet you.