Thursday, January 27, 2011

x Fingers Crossed x

The weatherman is predicting a polar front that might bring snow for next Monday night through Wednesday morning. Yes, you heard correct… I said SNOW! Jacob has been hoping and praying for snow since Thanksgiving, but so far we have not got a single flake this year. It’s been kind of depressing having 75* days in January, but we have to take what Mother Nature gives us at this point. And with the possibility that snow could be on it’s way, I thought I would post a few pictures from snowy days in the past. So here is my little flashback!

The first 2 pictures are from Thanksgiving 2007.
It snowed from the night before Thanksgiving until Sunday night.


Jacob all bundled up as we head to church.

Thanksgiving 2007

These next two pictures are from February 23, 2010.
We got a total of 4” for the day and underneath all the snow was about an inch of ice.

02-23-2010 Snow

You think I would be better prepared for situations like this, but it never fails, somehow I always end up needing something from the store or have to run errands for Michael.


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