Sunday, January 30, 2011

Buh Bye Trees!!!!!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I love my husband! After church today he went out and chopped down the HUGE cedar trees in front of my house that have been there for the past 6 years… all because I hated them! And look!! I have this pretty rock thing on my house that I didn’t even know was there! I am so excited that I can now see the front of my house and that I can plant flower in the front and make it actually look like, well a house!!! It is no longer hidden by the hideous trees that have made me go ‘grrrrr!’ every time I would drive by. Now it is time to start finding things to make my house have more ‘curb appeal’ as the people on HGTV call it. Yay again!!!

Bushes Collage

Bushes Collage 2


  1. WOW! A huge difference. Now you can show off your beautiful house. Good job! I like the after...lots!

  2. Thank you I love it too! Now I just need to plant some flowers :)