Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Front Door Makeover

It has definitely been a crazy week and a half. And because of all the craziness I have completely totally neglected my poor blog. Hopefully things will start slowing down as the new school year gets closer and I will have some more downtime. 

This past week with kids playing outside and going to VBS I have been working my fingers to the bone trying to get my house clean and paint the walls that need to be painted. 

So, while I was working on my entry way I decided to go ahead and paint the front door like I have been wanting to for the past several months.

Here is what my boring ol’ door looked like before I cracked out the paintbrush.


It is coming along wonderfully. 
This was after the first coat of paint. I LOVE the color!!!


Here is the door after both coats of paint were on.
Ain’t she a beauty?


Here  is a close up of my fabulously rustic chic door came out.

And it was super easy! What I did was mix RustOleum metallic paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze {1/2 part} with a faux finishing glaze {4 parts} and brushed it on with a paint brush then wiped it off with a rag. Now I am sure there are better ways to do this, but seeing how it was my first time trying something like this I am super happy with the results.


Drumroll please….

Ta Da! Here is the final product…


Now my door is a one of a kind original! :)


  1. Love your door! I am a turq. fanatic! I have devoted today to lookint at blogs and front door makeovers. Do you mind telling me the brands and exact colors of everything you used? I really want to copy your door!
    Sunday McAdams

  2. Congratulations! You successfully gave your door a newer and fresher look with turquoise. I guess it's time to try new colors instead of settling with plain white. Do you have any plans of updating the door knobs, by the way?

    -Danielle Bailey @ VinylumeInc.