Friday, July 29, 2011

You Can Never Have Too Many

Hi! My name is Tonja and I have a bathing suit addiction. I’m not talking about a little addiction either. It is a full blown, I need a support group addiction! I have a tub full of bathing suits that I never wear. And the worst part… some of them still even have the tags on them! So it’s not like I am in dire need of a new one or anything. But it’s kinda like Pringles… you can’t have just one!


This spunky little number is my ‘mommy suit’. It’s the one I wear the most. When I take the boys to the pool, this is the one I wear. I actually got it for a smokin’ deal at TJ Maxx last year {I think it was last year…}. I think each piece was only $8.99 or something like that, and that’s not too shabby for a Jantzen swimsuit!



After lots of careful thought and consideration I have decided to return the really cute swimsuit that I bought the other day. Even though it was really cheap, I have no place for it… or anyplace to wear it. So I returned it in hopes that it would find a good home with someone who will take her out every now and then.

It looks like this mama is going to be wearing the ‘mommy suit’ for now. And when I shed some of those unwanted pounds, then I can think about pulling out one of the cute numbers that are tucked away in the bucket at the back of the closet.

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