Wednesday, July 27, 2011

That Can’t Be My Garage! Can It?

As I have mentioned earlier this week I have been crazy busy cleaning and painting. You know one of these days I will actually do my ‘spring cleaning’ in the spring. Nah! Who am I kidding… no I won’t!


One of the tasks I wanted to tackle was the garage. Oh how it was a horrible, crazy, looked like a bomb went off in my garage mess! It was so bad even the mice couldn’t survive! So after a short trip to Home Depot for a large push broom and 65 gallon trash can to make the job bit easier I got started.

Unfortunately I I forgot to take a before. And I was a little ashamed and embarrassed of how it looked. Plus, the after pictures are better then the before. It was so bad you could barely walk to the door without tripping over something. Not anymore!


I couldn’t believe how much junk was in there! I kinda felt like one of those people you see on the TV show Hoarders. There for a minute I thought I had a serious problem. Luckily it cleared up as soon as I found out how much fun throwing away trash was.

And the best news, I now have enough room to work on my little projects, make a few bucks selling old baby stuff AND you can walk from the car to the door without tripping over everything in sight.


My dear, sweet husband oh how I love him, but I think he really does have a problem.

Take a look at all the stuff he hoards in his corner of the garage…


Is that normal? Or healthy? It can’t be… can it?

I am hoping that sometime here in the {very} near future most of this stuff will be in a shop that he is working out of or somewhere other than here.

But until then maybe I will send in the pic to TLC ;)

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