Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bobcats and Deer Oh My!

I finally got around to editing the photos that I took last weekend while we were at the deer lease.

One of the most awesome shots that I got was this bobcat. I have never seen one in real like so I was in awe about it. I have to say that it was one of the most beautiful creatures that I have ever seen. They move so delicately and stealth like that we almost missed him. And it’s not very often you just see one on the side of the road like this.


Michael says he prefers the SOOC shots, but I have to disagree! Even though I am still learning and am by no means an expert, I think that my edited one looks waay better.


Here is another shot that I love. This friendly doe got within 10-15 yards of my deer blind. She knew I was there, but she posed for a few pictures anyway. And I’ll be honest with ya, I enjoy ‘hunting’ them with my camera better than I do my gun. Shhhh! don’t tell my hubby, he may disown me :)
Isn’t she pretty though?


And here are a few pictures of my FAVORITE boys…







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