Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Ramblings

This morning I got out of bed with my mind on a mission. I had to make it to the mall to pick two names off of our Angel tree, which is a tree with children’s names on it that come from underprivileged families. I saw a little boy yesterday that reminded of my sweet Tyler. And even though I have never met this little boy, I knew that I wanted to buy him Christmas. And this morning he was still there and I snatched his name right up. I also picked a little boy who is the same age as Jacob. His name is Kevin. I feel incredibly blessed that we are able to buy gifts for these boys who may have not had a Christmas. God has blessed us more than we could imagine and we are super excited that we are able to give to others.


Next on my agenda was to find an outfit for a wedding I have to attend on Saturday. It is a wedding in the country so I chose to go with dressy casual. Normally I would not buy such an outfit just for a wedding, but I have decided that I am also going to wear it for family pictures the next day :) I never thought I would see myself in skinny jeans, but they are so cute with these boots. Now I just need to find some cute turquoise jewelry to tie everything in together.


Hope everyone is having a very blessed Tuesday!

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