Tuesday, January 29, 2013

beachy hair

I am the kind of girl that loves everything about the beach. I mean who doesn't? The best thing is how somehow the salt water just makes your hair behave. Well, at least mine it does. When we were on our cruise my hair had the perfect beach wave to it. No styling necessary! And if I would have thought of it I would have bottled some ocean water and brought it home. But we live and we learn and I think I have found the next best thing.

It is Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray. It. Is. Wonderful! I was not sure what to think at first because I don't usually put products on my hair. But this one is great. You can put it on damp or dry hair and let it air dry. You can still run your fingers through your hair and it does not weigh it down at all. Best of all it smells wonderful. Like coconuts. So if you are looking for a product to make your hair smell wonderful and gives you sexy, manageable beach waves this is the product for you! 

*Disclaimer: This review is my own that I thought I would give after buying and trying the product*

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