Saturday, June 27, 2009

File Folder Games

The past couple of days I have been working on these nifty File Folder Games for the boys.

There are 11 games: Snakes in the Grass, Color Kites, Grin and 'Bear' It, Season Sorters, Crazy Carrots, Pair Up, Line Up, The Funny Farm, Funny Faces, Switch 'n' Swap, Mix 'n' Match.

The skills are: color and color words, classification and visual discrimination (seasons), visual discrimination (matching), visual discrimination (patterns), ordering (large, medium and small), animal recognition, visual discrimination (matching), visual discrimination and classification (people).

This is one of the games: Snakes in the Grass
Skill: Colors and color words

This is what the pages look like for the Snakes in the Grass game.

Here is the stack of papers that I have to finish coloring.

After I am finished coloring the pages I have to cut certian pieces and glue them into file folders, as well as the instructions and name tag, then laminate the file folders. I then cut out the remaining pieces and laminate them and place them into sandwich baggies and put them with their coordinating file folder.


  1. Ha, I have that exact same file folder. I got mine out of a book of reproducibles. I'll let you in on a little secret, there's a great site called on which you can print out a lot free file folder games that have already been colored in. So much easier and quicker. Plus it will save your hand. I'd try some of these to see how your boys like them before I spent too much time making them from scratch!

  2. Which book did this File Folder game come out of? I'd really like to get it!

  3. I was handed down this file folder game but need a copy of it. Do you still have it or know where to get it online?
    Kat Curlee

  4. Look for File Folder Games by Karen Finch on Amazon I just got done order some of the books