Thursday, June 25, 2009

Picnic Table Talk: Dads

This weeks discussion at ABC & 123's Picnic Table Talk is all about Father's Day. Honestly, I couldn't ask for a better father for my kids. Michael is the hardest working man I know and would do anything to make me and the boys happy. He has given up many things in his life for us. When we first found out we were having Jacob he sold his motorcycle so we could buy a house and when we found out we were pregnant with Tyler he sold his favorite truck so we could pay for the hospital. I don't know of many men so young that would give up so much. There are times he works 90 hrs a week and gets very little sleep, but he still gets up the next day and goes to work even if he does not want too. To me and the boys he is the most amazing man we know!

For Father's Day this year we spent the day at my parents house sitting around and talking with family. We don't get to do that very often, so when we do it is a nice treat. All in all it was a pretty laid back day.

We try to make his life a little easier when he is at home. We try to make sure dinner is on the table every night when he gets home. And he always has a big glass of sweet tea waiting on him when he walks in the door. I know they are just little things but they mean the most to him.

Michael loves to take his boys hunting! Tyler is a little young, but it is Jacob's favorite activity. Jacob knows when hunting season is approaching and gets really excited and talks about nothing else day in and day out. On Sunday mornings after church they like to sit and watch hunting shows on t.v and Jacob goes and gets his gun and pretends he's hunting too. This last season Michael took Jacob and they sat in the deer blind for 4 hours... and Jacob sat there quite as a mouse and whispered the whole time. Michael said it was the greatest thing sitting there watching him and being able to bond with him like he did his dad.

The picture below is from this last September when just Michael and Jacob went to the ranch to check the feeders. They were driving around and saw some rabbits and Jacob pulled out his toy gun as Michael got the .22. They both pulled the trigger at the same time but Jacob only heard his toy gun go off. He was so excited that he 'shot' his first rabbit and that is all I heard about for weeks afterward.

So if you read this Michael... I want to tell you that we love you and that we appreciate everythingn that you do for us! XOXO


  1. Bless his heart! You have a great family and a special "Dad" who loves you guys alot!

  2. He sounds so great (I don't know many who would so willing to give up their motorcycle and truck). How fun he can share is love of hunting with your boys.

  3. Thanks for joining the picnic with your special post about Michael. Selling his motorcycle and his truck...that does give a glimpse of how much he cares for you and your sweet boys.