Monday, June 29, 2009

Flower Bed Transformations: Part One

Today it has been a little cooler than it has the past few days so I decided to go out and transplant my flowers before they died...again.

Here is a first rose that has bloomed on my rose bush since I pruned it a few weeks ago. The flowers were red, but have been every shade you can imagine.

This is what the flower bed looked like after I had pulled all the dead grass and leaves from it.

This is after I transplanted the flowers and put down the mulch. Some of them don't look the healthiest so I am not sure if they are going to make it. I am crossing my fingers.

Here is a close up on the mulch I got a fantastic deal on.

I still have two more flower beds to do. I have to pull all the dead grass from where my rose bush is and put down mulch and then I have a huge flower bed by my front walkway to till up and pull tons of grass and weeds from. I think there I am going to plant the rest of the flowers and put down the big cedar wood chips.

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  1. Did you give them a heavy watering? I find when planting that a lot of water helps. I water until I think I've done it enough and then add more. Worked so far.