Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jacob’s Birthday Invitation

I never knew that party planning was such hard work! Jacob will be 5 this year, and this is the first year that we will be having a party. Now that he is in school he has friends and of course wanted to be able to invite them, so the planning began.

I found this really cool place that has glow in the dark miniature golf and laser tag and he could not be happier. And he requested a sports them this year since he is about to start plating soccer. I am going to do cupcakes and decorate them like soccer balls, baseballs and footballs. The goodie bags are still up in the air because I am not sure what to put in them yet.

Then came the invitations… I did not want to buy store bought ones {which I have just in case I need them}, I wanted something more personal and memorable. I looked around Tiny Prints for ideas and inspiration, and what I came up with really excited Jacob, which made me even happier :) I used the basic concept of one of the invitations from Tiny Prints, but changed a few things to make it special for us. Here is how it came out……

Jacob's Invitations Blog

Now I have to just get through the rest of the party planning process and then the actual party before I have to do it all over again for Tyler’s birthday right after the first of the year.


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