Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Picture Perfect Tattoo

I made this today with a picture of the tattoo on my wrist. Some people may think that tattoo’s are trashy, but this one is special. It has special meaning to me and this tattoo was a daily reminder to have faith in the Lord and his greatness.


I will give you the brief cliff notes history version on my tattoo so you just don’t have to wonder. I got it about 6 months ago to help me through a very rough time. My husband had filed for divorce and I was in a really bad place. I wanted to get something that I would see every day to remind me to be strong and have faith it would work out like God had planned. Fast forward 6 months…here we are still happily married and working our way towards a happier marriage. Well, there you have it! The story of my tattoo.

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