Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am Abundantly Blessed!

After Friday’s stay in the hospital with Tyler, I got to thinking that sometimes I take for granted how blessed my life is. Things could have easily been worse than what they were, but by God’s grace he was okay. I find myself getting caught up in all the things that I think are wrong in my life, when in reality I should be focusing more on the wonderful gifts in my life.

I have two handsome, healthy boys that are the most wonderful gifts God has given me and a husband who works his fingers to the bone so I don’t have to and puts up with me, even at my worst. When I go to complain about him working late, I stop myself because I know that he is not doing it to punish us, he does it because he loves us and wants to provide for us the best way he knows how. I have the best husband and little monsters in the world!

I also want my children to see me as a strong, Christian woman who loves God with all her heart. I am not going to lie, I have not been the best at that. I have struggled with that a little, okay a lot, because I was afraid people would not like me. I was even afraid that my family would judge me. But not anymore! I am going to be the fearless, God loving woman that I know I can and need to be! And I defiantly don’t want my kids to be afraid to let people know that they love God with all their hearts.

‘Listen, my son, and be wise,
   and keep your heart on the right path.’

Proverbs 23:19

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