Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo Friday Week 7 : Romance

*Sorry I’m a little late. We had an emergency this morning. My youngest was taken to the hospital by ambulance and was unresponsive. His blood sugar was really low. They now have it back up and he is doing much better!*


It’s Photo Friday again over at Trina’s blog. I know I mention this every week, but I absolutely love participating in this. I like that it makes me think outside the box and come up with creative photos. This week with the theme being Romance I wanted to do something fun with mine and Michael’s wedding rings. See, when we got married Michael did not want a ring. Wearing one posed a huge risk. If his ring were to get caught in a machine it could easily rip his finger off. And that’s not a risk we wanted to take. But this last year, and boy was it a rough year, I decided to buy Michael a ring that would break before it could take his finger off. And I found the one below. It is ceramic and carbon fiber. He doesn’t wear it that often, but it’s nice for him to have one ‘just in case’. Plus, I am kind of hoping to renew our vows sometime in the near future… we shall see…


Now one all beautified! I got the background at 


Next week: Spirit
That one is gonna throw me for a loop!


  1. very nice and glad to hear your little one is doing better XOXO

  2. That is very romantic...I also love that beautified version of the photo !!!

  3. My hubby has the same issue with his ring at work. After losing the first one {he left it in his desk while on the clock, I think it was stolen}, we got him a Titanium ring but he doesn't wear it to work. Just wears it other places {church, dinner, etc}.

    Very nice photo!