Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Little Catchin’ Up…

I have not blogged in a couple of days, so I wanted to get y’all caught up on everything that has gone on around here the past few days.

Lets begin…

Saturday we went to Michael’s grandmother’s 90th birthday party. It was nice to see his family, especially his parents!

I love my husband, but his phone… not so much!

Michael Driving

Grandmother’s Happy Birthday cake

Mozelle Cake

Jacob pouting because he did not get his way…

Jacob Pouty

Tyler giving me a goofy smile

Tyler Goofy Smile

The thought these were the coolest ‘flowers’.

Pretty Weed

Sunday we, well Michael, got busy on tilling up the yard so he could lay the sod for me.

It was 97* outside.

That is what I call love!


Coolest thing ever invented! It really made a world of difference.


Hour 5… almost done tilling up the yard


Best shot of the whole day!


Tilling is done! Time for new grass.


Jacob was ‘helping’ his daddy put the new grass down.


Only 500 square feet to go…


Baylee, my beautiful baby girl


And he’s done! The yard looks amazing!


And Michael took the day off Monday, so we hung out and ate lunch, then hung the TV above the fireplace.

I am happy to say we both worked together, and we don’t hate each other .

Living Room1

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