Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday at My House

Hope you all had a very blessed Sunday! Today after a wonderful service at church Jake had his very first swim lesson. He did so well for someone that is absolutely terrified of water. I wish I would have gotten pictures, but I was afraid to get my camera that close to the water. I can just picture something awful happening to my poor camera and it sends chills down my spine. *shiver* Maybe I will be brave enough to take it next week though.

Since I have no swim pictures to blog, I am taking you on a quick tour through various rooms of my house to show you what I will be doing to each room. I know… I know… you are more than likely sick of seeing all my ideas and inspiration, but I promise you will start seeing results soon:)

{Just a note: The middle pictures are actual pictures of my house.}

{I love the ‘welcome’ on the front of the door! And instead of a table there will be a black bench.}


Living Room
{I am not going to lie… this one is still pretty undecided. I keep going between these colors and a rustic red color pallet. Only time will tell what it ends up being}

Living Room

{I am absolutely going to have black cabinets! :) And I really like the colors below… I can so work with those.}


Master Bedroom
{I love love love my sponge painted walls! I am crazy about anything leopard, so naturally my sheets are going to be leopard print. And my other favorite is turquoise. So the bedding set is a perfect compliment to my own personal hideaway.}



  1. What a cute little home! Thanks for commenting on my blog! :)

  2. I love your inspirations! I have been poking around and love your family.